About Us

Esteagle is a company founded with the only scope of helping people finding their inner beauty. Everyone wishes for a better look, looking at the mirror as a friend not as an enemy, smiling with a Hollywood smile, fixing your hair as you wish every morning or prior to a date, wearing the dress you have always dreamed of, feeling confident is what every human being deserves to have. Feeling good with the outside makes you deal better with the inner you. finding your inner beauty and energy sometimes simply goes through a new hair cut. 

What we want to make you feel is that each one of you has the strength to make it to a better life, if to reach that you need to start with arranging a small dislike in your look then lets do it and go ahead with building more on what we already have. 


Esteagle with services on Hair Transplantation, Plastic Surgery as liposuction, lifting, anti aging, botox, filling etc. and Dentistry aims to help it's patients achieving the image they dream of. 

With agreements with the best hospitals in Istanbul/Turkey, Tirane/Albania, Pristine/Kosovo, Bari/Italy, Rome/Italy Scopie/ Macedonia we always direct our patient on the safer hands where achieving the scope is easy and secure. 

Offering services in 14 languages makes us an International partner of everyone everywhere.